Mark Silver Photography
Various Objects


01-sharpener 02-scissors 03-screw_1601 04-bleachers
Pencil Sharpener Scissors Screw Bleachers
05-steers717 06-cows_3751 07-coffeecup-5423 08-strawberry-5602
Cattle Cows Coffee Cup Strawberry
09-cheerios-5618 10-record-5623 11-sky-6520 12-060906-capemay-01360012
Cheerios Record Player Chain Link Fence Roof
13-pear-0899 14-shadow_4944 15-080218_4471-lights 16-080224_4030-bownie
Pear Shadow Lights and Exit Sign Brownie
17-080304_4219-teapot 18-080305_4274-boots 19-080529_0608-st_li#70019 20-081015_1632-lbrtystprk
Teapot Boots Street Light and Cloud Chain
21-081015_1634-lbrtystprk 22-090506_0002-mirror    
Rust Mirror



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